Urethral Catheterisation Device (UCD)®

Integrated guide wire

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The new and patented Urethrotech® Urethral Catheteristation Device (UCD)® provides a safe urethral catheterisation solution, avoiding urethral trauma by sliding the catheter over a guide wire into the bladder.

This avoids urethral trauma particularly in men with an enlarged prostate, or men who are unable to relax the urethral sphincter closing muscle.

Costs of managing catheterisation-related complications are reduced, providing safer and better patient care.

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"The integrated guide wire enables safe urethral catheterisation."

Professor Tony Mundy

Professor of Urology

Key features

Standard 0.035” hydrophilic Nitinol 90 cm guide wire

Integrated into a 16F 3-way Silicone Foley catheter

Safe and easy catheter rail-roading into the bladder

Ready-to-use sterile Medical Device

International Patents

ISO 13485:2012; CE-Mark Certification

FDA 510k (pending)

PDF: Product Summary

PDF: Instructions For Use


Procurement (1m 42s)

The patient (2m 26s)

Instructions for use (8m 39s)

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