Urethral Catheterisation Device (UCD®)

Integrated guidewire

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Now FDA Approved

The patented Urethrotech Urethral Catheterisation Device (UCD®) is a Breakthrough Urology Device that assists medical professionals to provide value-based care for the treatment of failed or difficult catheterisation.

The integrated UCD-guidewire can safely negotiate a large prostate and guide the urinary catheter into the bladder.

Men at risk of traumatic catheterisation typically have a large prostate or are unable to relax the urethral sphincter muscle.

Costs of managing catheterisation-related complications are reduced, providing safer and better care.

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"The integrated guidewire enables safe urethral catheterisation."

Professor Tony Mundy

Professor of Urology

Simple and Effective Solution

For difficult urethral catheterisation management

Safe and easy for patient and provider

Ready-to-use consumable whenever needed in any clinical area

Improved patient care pathway without delay

Avoid referral for invasive specialist interventions

Clinically proven

Key features

A World’s First - NEW indwelling urinary catheter subcategory!

Integrated hydrophilic Nitinol guidewire

16F Silicone 3-way Foley Catheter

Attached plug to close guidewire (irrigation) channel

International patents and trademarks

Purpose-designed and regulated: CE-mark, FDA 510(k) and ISO 13486:2016

PDF: Instructions For Use


Procurement (1m 42s)

The patient (2m 26s)

Instructions for use (8m 39s)

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