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Urethrotech® develops products for better and safer instrumentation of the lower urinary tract

We will keep looking for new ways to make things better

with new ideas, solutions and approaches

to make things easier for our customers

That way, we can all stay a step ahead.


Empowering healthcare professionals to provide safe urethral catheterisation

We believe that safe and effective patient management is driven by the desire of healthcare professionals to avoid harm delivering care.

Providing healthcare professionals with he right tools to deliver that ambition is the core purpose of our business.


We are honest

We respect the law and the rules we set for ourselves. We expect our customers and suppliers to do the same.

We tell the truth. We are open, which means we are honest about what we do while balancing the interests of all involved.

We are prudent

We put the customer's and patient's interests at the centre of all our activities.

We are responsible

We are mindful that every aspect of our business has social and environmental impact.

We respect human rights and care for the environment, avoiding or managing impact.

We engage with our customers to promote continuous improvement. We encourage all forms of diversity, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is from different backgrounds and ways of thinking that new ideas spring forth.

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